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    A classic sans serif typeface with a balanced sort of quirkyness.


    Computer Methods

    Journal of Computer Methods is a concept for a scientific publication that is both visually appealing and legible but also easy to produce. The publication would also be completely free of charge as a digital version.


    Typography of Helsinki

    Typography of Helsinki is a set of 30 postcards that showcases intriguing examples of typography and hand-lettering in the Helsinki city space. Offset-printed with dark blue and neon orange.


    TOKYO calendar

    By winning the annual TOKYO calendar competition, Pauliina Nykänen and I had the opportunity to get our pocket calendar produced.

    With an open sandwich-bound spine the calendar spreads fully and maintains exceptional usability. The hard covers ensure that this beautiful construction is also strong. We chose the materials with the environment in mind: the pages are printed on 100% recycled paper. Both the inside and the cover are uncoated.


    Mehri Hovinen

    ​My mother works as a freelance interpreter from Persian to Finnish (and vice versa). I created a light identity for her business.


    Torso 1/2012

    Torso by Aalto University students of Art, Design and Architecture is a quarterly magazine with twisted angles and ever-changing impressive appearance.

    This issue deals with the art and design students’ internship experiences, social entrepreneurship, cooperatives and new voluntary work and how the immaterialisation of the work effects the wage labor.

    Printed on randomly paired coloured papers.


    Winter & summer schools

    Summer and winter schools, organized by the the Bahá'í Community of Finland – are events where people have the chance to meet old and new friends, study together the Bahá'í writings and participate in various activity and discussion workshops.

    The winter school 2011/2012 poster is double printed, so it can be used as a brochure for the school programme.

    I also designed a logotype to be used for an exhibition on the 50 years of Finnish summer and winter schools.


    Tekijä magazine

    Tekijä is a concept issue for a magazine that contains interviews from Finnish graphic designers and illustrators. I used three kinds of paper – brown recycled, yellow and natural white – to vary the haptic qualities and look of this unique issue. The magazine is hand-sewn. School assignment.


    Book symbols

    A series of symbols dedicated to different kinds of books: audio books, e-books and the traditional printed book. These marks can be lined on top of each other to form a stack of books. Competition entry.